Alexandra’s Experience at Church Street Music School

Throughout the summer, I worked at Church Street Music School with children. I was able to interact with children in a way that I usually don’t have a chance to, being an only child, and was surprised and excited to have bonded with them in such a short span of time. I also helped them learn to read music, and am glad to have been able to help them pursue a path in which they can explore music in further detail.

Alexandra’s Service Day Reflection

This year for Service Day, my advisory went to help out at AFYA (a medical supply recovery organization). I found the experience to be extremely rewarding, as I got a better sense of the struggles other countries have to endure in order to survive. Having the responsibility of organizing the materials as well as discarding the expired ones gave me a sense of accomplishment, because I know the diligent work will pay off for the people receiving the items.

Alexandra’s Service Reflection

Over the summer, I went to sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania for three weeks, and I’ve been going since I was ten years old. During the session I attended this year, there was a day of service. On this day, we got to individually choose an activity that would benefit either the camp community or people outside of the camp. As my contribution, I scrubbed and re-painted the main office because the paint was chipped and falling off. I felt that after all my camp had done for me throughout the past 6 years, I should do something for them in return. I have been extremely appreciative of the opportunities my camp has provided me, and giving back was a rewarding experience that I would be happy to repeat.

Alexandra Skora’s Service Reflection

My attitude towards Autism has changed in a positive way because I am now more aware of the conditions that people with Autism have. I am also more sensitive about the issue and I know the social impact of Autism in our community. Autism is a pressing issue that is rapidly expanding and now that I know the toll it takes on people’s lives, I realize how much it needs to be addressed.

The most challenging aspect of the project was narrowing down all of the information we acquired to a 10 minute presentation. Throughout the process of researching YAI, I learned so much more about Autism Spectrum Disorder than before the project started. It had been rewarding to hear the stories of those who had been helped by YAI, as it made me feel confident that it was an organization worth investing time and research in.