Arin’s experience with service day

This year for service day a section of the 10th grade was sent to work at the AFYA Foundation in Yonkers where we sorted through medical materials, counted the amount of each item, and repackaged them to be shipped to places in need such as the Philippines and Haiti. While sorting through the materials I noticed the large amount of supplies that had to be thrown away because they had reached their expiration date and were no longer safe for use. I found the amount of supplies that were tossed to be extremely saddening considering that they had never been used despite the many people who are need of the items. It made me think of how, as wealthy New Yorkers, we are privileged to have access to the materials we need for our health and safety. We have such an excess of these materials and yet the majority of them are not donated until they reach expiration and are no longer useful. I think the AFYA Foundation is a great cause that does the best they can to ship out the materials necessary for people in need to receive adequate medical care.

YPI reflection


Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

For the YPI project my group and I chose to concentrate on youth gang affiliation. Over the course of the project I began to see youth gang affiliation as an issue that needs to be prevented and teens who need to be helped rather than bad people doing crimes. From this project I learned how to present to audiences and converse with my group in an effective and productive manner. I found it hard to build up the courage to present to people I knew, and easy to research information and have sympathy for the cause. In the future I would love to go to the open rowing days on weekends and help out, I loved working with Rocking the Boat and wish to continue being a part of their lovely community. I feel like this project really got me interested and engaged in history this year and helped me realize how hard it is to maintain order within society and how helping people can make a huge difference.