Service Trip

This summer I went on a service  trip to Ghana through the GLA (Global Leadership Adventures) organization. I spent two weeks there doing a variety of different activities and service projects. Everyday we would spend the majority of our time focusing on improving the english skills of the local children. I personally worked with kids entering the 3rd and 4th grade. The topics we taught ranged from spelling games to basic lessons. During my time there I also got to learn a great deal about the rich culture of Ghana. From the history of music to past traditions. Being able to go on this trip was amazing and the children there were some of the happiest people I have met.

The Covenant House

For our YPI social issue my group decided to focus on homelessness in the youth community. My attitude towards this social issue has changed throughout the YPI project. I have become more aware about this issue and the intense impact it has on the community. With this in mind I have found out more ways that I can help with this specific issue. Doing this project I also was able to strengthen my communication skills because of the talking and interacting with the non-profit organization the Covenant House. This project brought many difficult and rewarding aspects. Creating the physical presentation and the wiki site was one of the more difficult parts of this project. However, seeing our non-profits working and in action was very eye opening and all together a rewarding experience.