Isaac Tobago Trip

This summer, the varsity boys soccer team went to Tobago. We did many activities there, most of which involve playing soccer. The trip was also a great bonding experience for the team. The most important activity we did there was a clinic with the kids from the island. The kids who came ranged from age 6-7 to kids older than me. During this clinic we did a few conditioning and technical drills. More importantly; however, we distributed gear such as cleats and shin guards to the kids  afterwards. This experience was really meaningful because we got to connect with people we otherwise would not have had contact with and we got to help kids have fun and further their goals.


The YPI project taught me a lot about the issue of LGBTQ+ homelessness, starting with its existence. I did not know how large of issue this was in our country today. What really drew me in to this issue was a horrifying statistic we came across: 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ+. This is disproportional because only about 10% of Americans identify this way, so there is clearly a correlation between these young people being homeless and them being LGBTQ+. The truth of this correlation is that many of these young people were dismissed from their homes by their parents because of who they were. This must be one of the most traumatic experiences a human being could possibly face. That is why I believe that this is an important issue. Another sad thing about this topic is that it is relatively unknown. If you were to ask random americans about it, many would not really know of its existence. Another part of the issue that is deeply concerning is that there are many people in this country who would not stand up for these poor people. What is even more concerning is that these people run our country. What I like about the True Colors Fund is that they use people who have actually had this experience to solve the issue, not people who think they know the issue.