Working at a Senior Center

Over the summer, I was fortunate enough to be able to help out several  senior citizens. At the senior center, I was an assistant teacher helping the elders learn english for chinese was their first language. I also helped lead the elder chinese chorus by playing the accompany on piano. Seeing many of the elders could only bring a smile on my face as they were seemingly ecstatic to have me there. Next year, I hope that I will be able to work at the senior center once again.

Chin’s Service Reflection

This May, I volunteered at the school’s spring fair. During the fair, I worked at the bouncy castles area collecting tickets and made sure no one got hurt. It was a joy looking over the children as I had to interact with many of them. One interaction occurred when there were too many people in the bouncy castle. A child asked me why lines exist. I responded with a succinct answer to which the child responded with thank you. All in all, this experience was a good way to interact with children.

Chin’s Service Reflection

In the month of February, I participated in the Friends Seminary Chinese Banquet. While there, my job was to be a stair monitor and make sure there was no roughhousing in that area. My job had two other monitors and we would take shifts. Even though the job wasn’t the most interesting, from what I observed the banquet was vibrant and truly reflected on the Chinese culture many of us are unfamiliar to.

YPI Reflection

For the 2017 service day, the Freshman class participated in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. My group chose to do their project on the overly discussed topic of homeless. The experience was quite different from what I expected and I managed to learn a lot more about the social problem than I expect. However, even though my group was unable to present the day of, it was nevertheless extremely interesting to hear about the common problems that occurred within not only the city but the U.S.A. My classmate’s presentation ranged from educational to economical and, a couple even talking about the problems of lack of food knowledge. All in all, it was an interesting experience.