Olivier’s experience at a Senior Home Pt.2

This summer I volunteered at the same senior House as last year.  This time around, however, I switched between two addresses, depending on which place needed regarding if the respective places needed a helping hand.  Like last year, I would go to the senior House during the morning hours—9 am to 12am usually.


However, rather than playing the piano as background music for the elderlies, I engaged in more physical work.  This included helping out in the kitchen and doing general labor. In one place, there was only one person managing over 30 elders, and my help helped relieve some of the burden on his shoulder.  


I do not regret forming relationships with the older people around me, as I still recognize some of them from the past year.  They truly have some amazing stories to tell.


This summer in particular, I got to appreciate the value of labor and how defeated our society would be if we didn’t have people working on these kind of jobs.  I learned that labor requires focus, precision, and dedication. I began to think of tasks such as cleaning my room or miscellaneous chores as helping me to prepare for the future.  Because I know that when I’m living by myself in the future it’s important to be organized with everything, otherwise you will fall apart on the inside.


I also have to say that he food they provided during lunch was amazing.  The senior House orders food from a company that specializes in making Chinese food.  I was never let down when I went there every Saturday.


Volunteering at the senior House taught me how to be organized, attention to detail, and a deeper gratitude to those who work labor jobs every day.  The lasting relationships I had with the kitchen staff and with the elders has been very inspiring. I hope to go back next year. Even if I don’t, I would have taken the values given to me there and have applied them to other situations in the future.