Jack’s Experience With Billion Oyster Project

Last summer I participated in an oyster cage building activity on June 16. We were split up into groups who worked on different parts of the cages. I was part of the group who cut sheets of wire from a large roll of cage wire. We used clippers and wore gloves to cut the wire sheets for the cages. Next we clipped off any bits of wire that stuck out undesirably. These would get in the way later, so we had to remove them. We left some of the bits on each side, as they would be bent to allow the sheet to clasp onto another sheet. Next the sheets went to a different station that bent the sheets in half. This station formed each sheet into the desired shape of the cage. Next, the bent sheets were brought back to my group. We bent the bits that we left on the sheets from the first clipping and connected them to another sheet of wire. Once we had done this, the cage was completed. After we had finished making all the cages we needed to, I swept the floor for metal scraps, and put away clippers and gloves along with three other volunteers. My experience at BOP was very pleasant. Although I got a large sore bump on my hand from all the pressure during clipping the wire, the atmosphere of the houses we were building the cages in was relaxing. The Billion Oyster Project’s mission is to distribute 1 billion oysters to about 100 acres of reefs located in the Hudson River. These oysters would help clean the water and hopefully clean and bring life back to the river. You can visit the Billion Oyster Project at https://billionoysterproject.org

LNY Service Day

When I was in 8th grade last year I attended Lunar New Year. I enjoyed the night very much, so this year I decided to attend again. I started out the night folding paper. After this, I began preparing each table for guests. Soon they began to arrive, so I and one other were sent upstairs to man the “Chopsticks Race” table. Everybody that I had come there with agreed that they had a good time helping out.

F.L.I.N.G. Service Day

During the service day with Earth Matters we were given several options of things to do. I decided to assemble park benches. That is what I and a small group of others did for a few hours. During the assembly we had a good time talking about random things. I realized from this experience that service is not just about helping others and good will, it is about community and fun.

Service YPI Post

Since I was able to visit the organization my group represented, I was able to understand the full scope and mission they supported. We were welcomed in and toured around the facilities. We saw actual patients successfully receiving help from the organization’s staff.

I was exposed to the idea of nonprofit organizations and how they strive help our communities. This experience was a gateway that lead me to be interested in helping out and advocating for the unfortunate unite in our community. I think that I would like to be active with my organization I chose for the YPI project.

Service is a way of connecting to the community, and making a change in it greatly affects a large amount of people as a whole. This change is your giving back, and your effort to change the world. Service is a responsibility that all people should be active in doing, but it can also be a call. What’s most important is if you enjoy the service, and are happy about the changes you may make.