Arianna’s Trip to Tobago

At the end of August I went to Trinidad Tobago with the girls and boys varsity soccer teams.  The first couple days were spent playing soccer games against the girls teams in Tobago.  This was a great learning experience as many of the girls were very skillful.  On the third day we went to a soccer field and practiced with kids of many age ranges living in Tobago.  Unfortunately I was injured and unable to play, so I helped organize the soccer gear that was going to be donated to the kids.  I helped many of the kids find their sizes in cleats and jerseys.  It was great to see how happy they were when they saw all the new soccer gear especially since some of them had very worn down gear.  Overall this was a great learning experience.

Arianna’s Experience with the Children’s Museum of the East End

Towards the end of August, I volunteered at the Children’s Museum of the East End, which provides children with fun and educational programs.  I was really interested in volunteering there since as I child it was my favorite place to go during the summers.  It’s filled with many games and activities kids can take part in.  The museum encourages children to learn in a fun and productive way by offering many different rooms where the kids learn about the environment, math, do puzzles etc.  My favorite section of the room was the entrance, which had different animals and little posters with facts about the animal.  I volunteered on a Saturday from nine to six, helping set up for two birthday parties.  I also walked around the museum and cleaned up any messes left behind by the kids.  At the end of the day, I helped close the museum by helping set up the rooms again.

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