Michael’s Halloween set up

In October I helped set up for the lower school halloween party. Along with a few students and friends Seminary parents, I helped build and decorate the haunted hallway. While the process did take a significant amount of time, as we had difficulty piecing together the metal bars which held up the curtains for the hallway, I enjoyed the experience. It was nice knowing that this would give the lower school students a good time.

-6 hrs


Michael’s Experience with AFYA

This year for service day our grade went to Yonkers to bag medical equipment and humanitarian supplies for people in need. This supplies is donated by  hospitals, generous individuals, and nursing homes, and AFYA works to give this supplies to people living in Puerto Rico, and several US Virgin Islands as well as various countries. I helped sort the supplies where I mainly sorted syringes at AFYA.

Michael’s Experience with Pier40Baseball


Over the summer, I worked for a non-profit called Pier40Baseball. Pier40Baseball is a program of P3, the Pier, Park, and Playground association, whose goal is to promote the construction of new baseball fields in the lower-Manhattan area of New York City by getting more kids to play baseball. At Pier40Baseball, children ages 5-14 receive hitting as well as position-specific instruction in order improve their overall baseball skills. Personally, I helped the younger children improve their hitting skills by feeding them balls on a tee and giving them instruction on how to better their baseball swing. In addition to this, I hit them balls in order to enhance their baseball fielding skills, and I led them in various stretches and warm-ups. I really enjoyed my time at Pier40Baseball, and I enjoyed to see young kids blossom as baseball players, as I too play baseball.

Link to Website: https://www.hudsonriverpark.org/explore-the-park/activities/baseball