My experience on service day.

This past year’s service day the junior and senior class participated in a simulation showing what life is like after being incarcerated through an organization called the Osborne Association. We were each given the identities of different people which included why they were imprisoned, their names, their age, the race, and what they needed to achieve in a three or four week period. Our task was to complete all of the things on the checklist in a specific amount of time. After taking part in that simulation, the hardships that these people face are incredibly difficult and inhumane. Getting simple health care or bus tickets was almost impossible and I ended up getting almost nothing done. This day allowed me to see a little bit into how these people are forced to live their lives. Overall, it caused me to become even more eager and motivated to do what I can to help these people through these difficulties which no human deserves.

Emma’s Service With Volunteers of America

On May 2o, Friends Seminary hosted “Friends Who Serve” and the organisation, “Volunteers of America” worked with us. We spent the day making Birthday’s in a Box for children and their friends and family to enjoy. The boxes that we made consisted of party supplies that the kids and their friends would use throughout the day including goody bags for the children to take home. This experience was really fun because it provided an opportunity to help kids enjoy their birthdays no matter what.