Amnon’s Tobago Trip

Towards the end of August the boys and girls varsity soccer teams headed out for a trip to Trinidad and Tobago. On this trip, we stayed in a beautiful resort enjoyed quality time without friends at the beach, toured the beautiful island of Tobago, played local teams, and even hosted a clinic for many local soccer players between ages 6 and 18. Touring the island and immersing ourselves in the local culture was a fun, and eye-opening experience, and participating in the clinic and donating soccer gear to local players was also very fun and heartwarming. Overall it was truly an amazing trip.

YPI Blog

Over the course of the year, one service experience that I really enjoyed was YPI, The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. During YPI I was able to help an organization that fought for a cause that I believed in. It was really interesting being able to work with the organization, research the cause, and then ultimately present in front of a panel of peers and judges. From this experience I was able to bond more with my classmates, as well as learn more about a cause that I care about. I am very glad that I was able to partake in the YPI experience and I learned key presentation and collaboration skills as well as knowing when to carry my own weight throughout the project. Over all it was a very educational and interesting experience that I would love to repeat again.