Aaron’s Experience with Park Avenue Synagogue

This spring, I played music with the Park Avenue Synagogue Teen Band at a Jewish Nursing Home. Many of the elderly viewers were sleeping or uninterested, but there was a group of a few of them who were smiling from ear to ear. By the end of the set, a majority of the residents were clapping and singing along. It made me really happy to see that by doing what I love (music), would give someone else joy. Nothing was better than seeing a bunch of elderly people who didn’t want to be there, end up really enjoying themselves. I also love that we entertained them, we gave them an hour to forget about any of their worries. It just made me really happy to see that our music made them happy too!


Aaron’s Experience with St. John’s Bread

I had the pleasure of cutting potatoes in the kitchen at St. John’s Bread and Life. While I was there I saw how many ordinary people were just extremely hungry. It could have been you or me who was there. It amazed me how many people came in and out throughout the small amount of time I was there. If this is just one small amount of the many food pantry’s in New York, it just goes to show how many people are hungry in New York. To me, it is completely wrong that so many people need assistance in getting a warm meal. It should be a basic human right, no one should be hungry. And yet, it is a drastic issue, which needs to be addressed. I’m really glad I got to see this in person, because seeing how many people are affected by this issue really puts it into perspective, rather than a graph, statistics or a lecture.



Aaron’s Reflection


I never at first ever thought about the challenges that one faced when living among a majority of people who speak a different language. It was always something on my mind, but through this experience I was able to imagine it if I was truly in these shoes. Through the YPI experience I could really feel the weight that many immigrants face everyday, that is only a mere thought to ourselves.

Through the interview process I wanted to be as articulate as I could. Sometimes I try to get my question out as fast as I can, but I took a few seconds extra and tried to fully draft a better question. The more clarity in a question, the more clarity in an answer. The more clarity in an answer, the better presentation you can make!