Service Day

For service day my advisory and another travelled to Staten Island to volunteer at a soup kitchen. We mainly worked in the pantry where we restocked shelves so that people could continuously choose foods they wanted to bring back to their residence. I am well aware of how many people are impoverished and can barely take care of themselves and their family. However I found that many people weren’t homeless but rather they’re job couldn’t support their means to live. Where I volunteered opened me up to such reflection and understanding. Volunteering at the pantry furthered strengthen my endeavor to give back to the community and people that supported me. I saw so many that put in an effort to make a difference in the pantry, and that compassion truly touched me. I’m glad of the experience I had on Service Day.

Project Cicero

At project Cicero I was directed by staff to sort books into catergories depending on what kind of book it was. Then teachers would come into the space and choose books to take back with them. Thinking about books, It had never crossed my mind that something, that I had easy access to, was not the same for others . I began to reflect more on what I took for granted. Books taught me skills that will be prominent throught my life and yet people who don’t have that access won’t be able to experience the same teaching process I did. Project Cicero brought that teaching to the kids. It’s indirect but it’s as significant as reading the book itself. I am grateful for my experience volunteering for Project Cicero.

Reflections on YPI

When I was working with Safe Passage Project I became more sympathetic towards the hardships of the immigrates escaping into the U.S. I already knew the basics to why these immigrants flee to the U.S but I didnt’t realize how hard it’s is to gain legal citizenship and have a steady life in the U.S. Safe Passage Project helped me realize the issue within the issue and how there is so much more then just crossing into the U.S border. Hopefully in the future I would like to volunteer as a pro-bono attourney for safe passage project if their organization is still running.