Elizabeth’s Experience with Rustic Pathways

I went to the Dominican Republic where I first visited a variety of hospitals and clinics which varied in funding and purpose. I then visited the most underprivileged communities and educated those living there on ways they can avoid many diseases such as STDs and diseases transmitted by mosquitos such as dengue and malaria. The most fulfilling experience I had was when I spent a week helping cement the floors of homes. Towards the end of the experience, my group set up a free clinic where we measured babies to make sure they were healthy. We then proceded to give mothers and their children the vitamins they were lacking. This was a very eye-opening experience where I was able to compare their lifestyle to my own.

Elizabeth-The Dream.US

Throughout my time working with The Dream.Us I have become more aware of how lucky I am to have a great education. It is a privilege not everyone has access to and is especially hard for undocumented immigrants to get. I am determined to keep working with my program and others like it to help everyone have access to education.

The most challenging part of this project was being able to connect with the audience in such a way where they were able to understand how important the Dream.Us is. However, the most rewarding part of this project was the comments my peers gave me afterward telling me that I did, evidently, interest them enough where they are willing to help immigrants get an education.