Willow’s Volunteering at Lucky Orphans

This summer, I volunteered at Lucky Orphans, a no-kill horse rescue based in Dover Plains, NY. Lucky Orphans has a mission to provide a forever home and sanctuary for horses that have been abused, neglected or abandoned and promotes positive interactions between horses and humans. Lucky Orphans is home to 51 horses, including special needs horses and off the track thoroughbreds. When volunteering at Lucky Orphans I helped to provide care for the 51 horses. For example, when volunteering, I completed necessary tasks such as grooming and bathing the horses. I also helped out by cleaning the manure from stalls and paddocks and I fed the horses. I worked with many different types of horses, from those that are blind to miniature ponies. I also practiced liberty work, to help improve the interaction between the animals and people.

Willow’s experience at Cancer Care

Cancer Care is a non-profit organization that works to address the financial, practical and emotional concerns of those who have been affected by Cancer (including the Cancer patient, caregiver and the bereaved). Cancer Care hosts a variety of support groups, including online, face-to-face and telephone support groups. Although Cancer Care is primarily based in NYC, people from throughout the world and the country can participate in the online and telephone group. All of the support groups are facilitated by professional support oncologists. They also have a wig and breast prosthesis clinic that allows those who have been affected by cancer to receiveĀ these supplies, which can lead to an increase in self-esteem. Furthermore, Cancer Care can help to cover the costs of chemotherapy, transportation, and child care, all things that can take away from a patient focusing on their care. At Cancer Care, I had a meeting with Cancer Care and learned about the Cancer patient’s needs and how we could best support them. After learning about this, we created a presentation to help raise money for them and won $1,000. I look forward to helping support them in the future, by participating in a 5k run to help fund their wig clinic. After working with Cancer Care my attitude towards the social issue changed because I was more aware of the struggle that the whole family, not just the patient, faces because of cancer as well as the costs of child care and transportation. Furthermore, my communication skills became stronger after working with a nonprofit organization because I communicated with them in order to best understand their needs. I found winning the $1,000 for my organization the most rewarding part, knowing that I would be directly helping cancer care and the work they do.


Cancer Care

Cancer Care