My service experince with the Community Kitchen of West Harlem

On April the 23rd of this year, several students including I went to volunteer at the Community Kitchen of West Harlem. At this community kitchen, the students gave people food in certain amounts based on how much they were alloted, which was determined by the size of their family. My favorite part of this experience was the small conversations I made with the other volunteers at the location as well as all the people I was helping. It really felt like there was a connection, which made the service experience all the more special!

Reflection on YPI

I had never realised until participating in this project how widespread these issues are, even in the New York community, which I had previoulsy believed had very few of these issues.

Over the course of this project I had to learn how to effectively communicate with my group mates over the course of the project, as well as arrange a meeting with the organisation and interview members of the organisation.

It was very challenging arranging a time in which we could meet with the organisation, and it was very difficult preparing for the final presentation.