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  1. I participated in Project Cicero, an organization that helps teachers who work at schools with limited budgets to collect free books for their students. The books are donated by people or schools, and the project I did was sorting the books into categories so that the teachers would have no problem finding what kind of book they wanted. It really made me think about how fortunate I was to go to a school that can afford education resources. It reminded me that no matter what, it is important to help each other so that everyone, not just a select few, can learn at the same level.

  2. I participated in the Reading Partners Program last year at PS188. It was amazing experience for me because I really felt like I was making a difference in a young student’s life. I taught a young student different reading techniques, and how to spell tricky words. The student moved up many reading levels over the year, and so I felt like I was really helping someone who wanted to learn more.

  3. This summer I volunteered at the Children’s Museum of the East End in Sag Harbor. This museum is filled fun and productive games for children. I first visited this museum with my family and family friends, one of whom works at the museum, so when I heard about the opportunity to volunteer there I though it would be an excellent way to help. While there I worked at an arts and crafts station, where the children could decorate crowns. Later in the day there was an hour to reorganize, so I helped to reset the multiple different areas inside the museum. One area that stood out to me was a large from with huge blocks so children could create their own obstacles sources and climbing structures. Once they had reorganizing and prepared the afternoon activities the museum reopened. During this section I continued to clean the museum by resetting the activities once the children had finished using it. Finally, I helped to set up two birthday parties. Once the museum closed, I again reset the different activities for the next day.


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