Quaker Quotables

Choose one of the passages or phrases to use as your launching point for a personal reflection regarding your service experience(s). In your first paragraph, name your organization, share a little about the nonprofit’s programs and what you did while volunteering. In the second paragraph, include the quote you selected to use and your reflection response to the prompted question(s) that follow the quote.

  • “Stewardship is a coming together of our major testimonies. To be good stewards in God’s world calls on us to examine and consider the ways in which our testimonies for peace, equality, and simplicity interact to guide our relationships with all life.” –John Woolman c. 1770

After reading this quote, reflect on how you see these connections/testimonies in one of your service experience. (Quote from: http://northbranch.quaker.org/stewardship.html)

  • “For Friends the Testimony of equality begins with the belief that the Light is present in us all. All are deserving of respect, no matter what our differences. When we respect the Light in ourselves and others, we encourage all to turn inward for guidance and truth.” (Friends Seminary Handbook on Faith and Practice)

There are many ways to understand this idea that there is “that of God” in every person. Consider this Quaker testimony, and reflect on this question: Do you find that of God in every person?  How?  Can you connect this idea to a service-learning encounter you had with a person or group?  (From: http://www.stonyrunfriends.org/Queries.html#cfo)

  • Letting your life speak’ is a Quaker way of saying that your actions are the best measure of you as a person.

When you examine your service experiences, what do you think it says about you?  What other ways do you let your life speak?

NOTE: This guided writing prompt was created in 2011 with the help of the student Quaker Life Committee and the Quaker in Residence, Pam Wood.


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