The Mirror- A Reflection of Self

The Mirror: Reflection of Self

Use any of these questions as a springboard to reflect about ways in which you as an individual have been impacted by your service experience. Use those questions that speak to you.

The reflection should be two paragraphs. The first paragraph should describe the service experience itself: what organization you volunteered with, what you did, etc. The second paragraph should zero in on your own insights about yourself in relation to your service experience: who you are, what you believe, why, and how the work you’ve done guides, changes, or informs your understanding about yourself and the world we live in. Post reflection on service blog and title it, “The Mirror.”

Questions Prompts:

  • Who am I? What are my values? What have I learned about myself through this experience?
  • Do I have more/less understanding or empathy than I did before volunteering? In what ways, if any, has your sense of self, your values, your sense of “community,” your willingness to serve others, and your self-confidence/self-esteem been impacted or altered through this experience?
  • Have your motivations for volunteering changed? In what ways?
  • How has this experience challenged stereotypes or prejudices you have/had? Anyrealizations, insights, or especially strong lessons learned or half-glimpsed? Will these experiences change the way you act or think in the future?
  • Have you given enough, opened up enough, cared enough? How have you challenged yourself, your ideals, your philosophies, your concept of life or of the way you live?

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