Elizabeth’s Experience with Rustic Pathways

I went to the Dominican Republic where I first visited a variety of hospitals and clinics which varied in funding and purpose. I then visited the most underprivileged communities and educated those living there on ways they can avoid many diseases such as STDs and diseases transmitted by mosquitos such as dengue and malaria. The most fulfilling experience I had was when I spent a week helping cement the floors of homes. Towards the end of the experience, my group set up a free clinic where we measured babies to make sure they were healthy. We then proceded to give mothers and their children the vitamins they were lacking. This was a very eye-opening experience where I was able to compare their lifestyle to my own.

Lucas’s Experience working for the Zephyr Teachout Campaign

Over the summer, I worked for Zephyr Teachout’s campaign for NY attorney general. I helped campaign by making phone calls, putting up posters in front of stores and construction sites, and handing out pamphlets for her campaign. It was really difficult to get people to actually stop and listen, but making an impression on people was really satisfying. When it comes to positions like attorney general, a lot of people don’t really think about their decision so being able to inform them was really important.

Lily’s Service Reflection

This winter I volunteered with the Coalition for the Homeless. I helped distribute food from a van to people who knew the van’s daily path and were waiting for food. It was amazing to see not only how nice the people were but also the relationship between the person who drives the van every few days and the people waiting for him. He knew most of them by name and asked how they were doing. Many times we would stay a little longer at a stop after we had given out the food because he was catching up with someone and asking if they needed anything else. This experience gave me a whole new view on the people in the city and shed light on a system of support that I had never seen before.

Hugh’s Experience at the People’s Climate March

On Saturday, April 29th, I participated in the People’s Climate March in Washington DC with a group of fellow students and faculty members from Friends. Despite having to wake up at 5am and take a 4 hour bus ride, I found the event both enjoyable and inspiring. Seeing thousands of passionate people at the march was very exciting to me as it is great to see so many people march for such an important issue. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I hope I can continue to attend events such as this in the future.