Reclaimed Organic Garden Day

On April 7th, I went to the 11th Street Community Garden to learn more about where Friends’ compost goes and help with general garden maintenance. When I got to the garden, there were lots of Friends students already there, some were sorting wood-chips, some putting together a new shed, and other putting together a bench with a trellis. I started out by helping to even out a layer of sand where the new shed would go so that it had a sturdy foundation. After we had added enough sand and gotten it fairly level, we began to lay down bricks of different sizes, making sure they all were level and straight. It was nice to be able to spend time outside on a beautiful day, while also helping the community. I als0 live near the garden, so I was glad to be able to contribute to a space that would make my neighborhood greener and more pleasant to live in. Because of the lack of greenery in New York City, it is important to support local urban gardens. It not only betters the city but is also a great way to give back to the community while spending time outside.

Holly’s Service Reflection

Since freshman year I have been working weekly in Jennifer Whittmer’s first grade classroom. This opportunity allows me to combine my love of working with young children with community service at Friends. Each week I read with the kids, play games with them, or help them with math problems. Their excitement and energy makes working with them nothing but fun. Each year I have bonded with a new class of first graders, but I still get to see the kids from previous years when they say hello in the halls. I am so happy to have been able to work with Jennifer and all the amazing kids for four years, and I will definitely miss it next year!