Sam’s experience with Girl Rising

On Thursday, May 9th, I attended the Girl Rising screening. It was a wonderful educational, and heart-warming film. Before the film, I knew that there were problems for women in third-world countries, but I had no idea it was this bad. This film opened my eyes to what was going on in the world. It made me want to do something to help. Not only did the film open my eyes, but it was gave me hope that these girls are going to fight through adversity and become successful. It made me realize how fortunate I was for my education and my opportunities to be successful in life and I learned not to take that for granted. After the film, I also participated in the banner message activity students from my grade had organized. I wrote several notes of encouragement to different girls who were fighting through adversity to create a better life for themselves at our partner school in Uganda. These messages made me feel a connection to these girls, and that I may be helping motivating them not to give up. This was a great experience and I learned a lot from it.

Jason’s Service Reflection

This year I worked with Meals on Wheels to help deliver meals to elder’s or people who can’t easily get out of their homes.  I worked with Meals on Wheels twice this year and I got that same feeling of accomplishment both times.  The people from the organization are really friendly and are very happy when people come to help out.  The section of Meals on Wheel’s that I worked with has their center located in a church very close to my house.  It was a very accessible option to help out the community.

The first time I did it was the weekend of Hurricane Sandy.  It was the day before and Meals of Wheels made two meals for every person so they wouldn’t have to deliver the day of the hurricane and so elders wouldn’t have to go out of their homes to get food either.  When we arrived there weren’t many people there, but more people arrived as time passed.  There were about twenty to thirty people there and I felt good that I was a part of this mission.  They cook and package the meals right in the churches kitchen, so it didn’t take long for us to be on our way.  We were the last group to head out.  By the time we were leaving some groups were already back and I was glad that elders were already being given food before noon that day.

The people who worked at Meals on Wheels gave us a big bag with about twenty packaged meals in it.  Then they gave us a list of all the people we were to visit and their addresses.  Our group of people were spread out from 80th street to 89th street.  I was happy to see that they didn’t just help out people one or two blocks away but extended their help farther than that.  When we got to each elder’s home, they were very thankful for our service and were glad to see normal people helping out and not just one of Meals on Wheels’ delivery personnel.  We gave them a sheet with information about Hurricane Sandy so we weren’t only giving them food, but letting them know what is happening outside their homes, especially the elders without televisions.  I really enjoyed working with Meals on Wheels because it was a very accessible and fulfilling community service project.

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