Jacob’s Reflection

For service day this year my advisory and a few others went to the Food Bank to help pack crates of food, toiletries, and other stuff. We got to the warehouse in the bronx and we all gathered into a room. There, we watched a video talking about the problems the city faces with hunger and what the food bank does to help. We were told to organize the items we were given into different categories: Dairy, canned foods, hygiene, school supplies, etc. Then we put like items in the same box, so canned food went into their own boxes, hygiene products went into their own boxes. Since there were so many of us in the group, we were able to pack all of the items very quickly. I had a great time helping out the community and I felt very accomplished after the food bank. I saw that even though there were a lot of challenges facing the Food Bank’s operation, they were doing a very good job of using what they had and making sure that they could maximize their resources.





Joseph’s Service Reflection

When the school year started, I was offered a great opportunity to get most of my service hours done. The service event required me to be a tour guide for one of the Friends Seminary Burrowing Through the Boroughs’ tours. The tour’s route started at Stuyvesant Park and made it’s way to Flushing, Queens. I, and another individual, had to put together information that could be used to make the tour as educational and as fun as possible. In the end, we managed to put together a script in which we had a balance between somewhat cheesy jokes as well as informative facts. Because of this preparation, we felt that we were quite ready for the actual tour. Nevertheless, engaging with the participants of the tour was difficult at first. However, thanks to our preparation, as the tour progressed, it gradually became easier to gain everyone’s attention. By doing this service event, I was able to learn that preparation is the key to success, as well as a few interesting facts about Peter Stuyvesant and the Flushing Meeting House.

Scout’s Service Reflection

Over the summer I worked with a  non-profit organization, Save the Children, to help recover after the damage of Super Storm Sandy. In my time with Save the Children I worked in the field and from the headquarters in Brooklyn. In the field I would visit child care facilities to asses the damage and  determine to what extent the organization could reimburse the sites. One major project I worked on in my time with Save the Children was an IKEA giveback event. IKEA worked with our office to donate needed equipment to damaged child care facilities. The shipments went out and were assembled to numerous sites in all five boroughs in one day. My time with Save the Children opened my eyes to the great ripple effects just one child care facility closure has. Additionally I now have a wider perspective on how to managea team in the face of a disaster. Save-the-Children_0

TUSK Charity Auction Dinner

Tusk is a non-profit organization/charity that focuses on helping endangered animals in Africa; more specifically, it focuses on saving rhinos and elephants in  Kenya. For my service event I helped out at the auction event located on Debrossess and Hudson, down in Tribeca. I sold various TUSK paraphernalia for about 3 hours during the event. I helped raise money for the charity by selling the TUSK items. In addition to this, I spoke about numerous paintings at the event that were being sold at the auction. The charity is very well-run and I enjoyed working for them…

(http://www.tuskusa.com) image