Samantha’s Service Reflection

This year I chose to volunteer on multiple occasions with the Alzheimer’s Association.  For me the most rewarding experience that I do every year wit them is working at their annual New York City walk.  I work with my cousins and my sister at some of their booths where they sell purple bandanas and bracelets all to raise money for research for a cure.  The most rewarding part of volunteering with them is seeing all of the people who are their to walk for loved ones.  My family has had people who have suffured through Alzheimers and it is nice to see all of the support that the organization is getting.  Every year volunteering at the walk has allowed me to see all of the work that people who are not affiliated to the are doing and it makes me want to do more.

Jamaal’s Service Reflection

On April 27th and 28th, I did community service with the Oliver Scholars Program which I am a member of. For this service, I assisted them with running their annual Interview Weekend at our school, Friends Seminary! I helped to direct both parents and children to their respective interviews alerted the interviewers when the interview had to be stopped and when another child or parent was being sent up to be interviewed. Along with some of my fellow scholars, I helped to make sure everything ran smoothly.

This was related to the quote that Barrack Obama made when he said, “We know that there are some things that we cannot do on our own. We know that there are some things we do better together.” This relates to my service experience because no one individual could have operated this whole interview weekend by himself or herself. Instead, it took a multitude of people, from administrators and interviewers to scholars, to help this whole operation run smoothly. I am glad that I was able to help with interview weekend and hopefully I will be able to help again next year.

Philippe’s Experience Giving Food To Friends

Over spring break, my mom informed me that there was a small homeless family that would be staying in the common room for a night. At this time, my cousins were visiting, so my aunt decided to participate in helping with giving food. My aunt prepared some cheese cake and I helped my mom go to the super market and pick up some ingredients. After picking the ingredients, I helped my mom cook and we brought the food to Friends on our way to a restaurant. When we arrived at Friends, we went to the back and knocked on the door and were met by a man and a woman who were setting up beds in the common room. We told them of the food we had and put them in the common room. The man and woman seemed very happy that we gave them food, but I did not catch their names. The family that would be staying there for the night was not there at the moment, but we were told that they would be arriving in about 2 hours. Although the people that would be staying over the night were not there, the gratefulness my family and I recieved from the people working there enlightned my day. When I entered the common room with the food, I noticed all the beds and the small table that was set up where they could have their dinner. I did not see any food on the table, but I’m sure that they had some to put out later. The man working there told us that the family sleeping there for the night is lucky, because usually they do not get the opportunity to eat such a delicious feast. The food included chicken, rice, salad, and two baguettes (which I love) and my aunt’s cheese cake which is one of my favorite desserts that she makes from scratch. The fact that these two people were taking the time to help a poor family and have done so many times before shows how much heart some people have. I hope that the family eating that night was more than happy that they know someone is watching out for them.