Advisory Reflection

Today we reflected on how three Quaker quotes relate to the role individuals have in responding to community needs.

“Let your life speak.”

– It’s what you do, not what you say

– If you do community service, you don’t need to brag about it. Let your actions speak.

“…the Testimony of equality beings with the belief that the Light is present in us all.”

– We wonder whether ALL people are truly worthy of “respect.” Would “thought” or “a voice” or “love” be a better word?

“… consider the ways in which our testimonies for peace, equality, and simplicity interact to guide our relationships with all life.”

– Be the people who show these qualities in everyday life.

– Don’t think of service as a “task” but rather as useful/helpful. Do it for the sole reason of doing something good for someone else.

– Since this quote is so old, it shows that there has always been a need for service, and will always be one.

– A big part of service is helping people with things that we take for granted (shelter, food, safety, etc).