Annah’s Adventures at SPSA’s Bible Camp

For the past couple years I have been able to work at Saint Paul and Saint Andrew United Methodist Church’s Vacation Bible School. I have been a camper, a junior counselor, a counselor and this year I was honored with an assistant Director’s position. I was able to help plan the curriculum, the field trips, and the structure of the program. It was an amazing learning experience for me.

Not only was I blessed with the ability work with some wonderful people but I truly felt as though I was able to make a difference. Many of the kids who come to our camp come from West Side Campaign Against Hunger’s programs or from Homework Help which means that they come from low income families. For some of them the lunch we provided was the only meal that they would have for the day and the experience that we provided was the only adventure that they would get during the summer. Working with these kids and exposing them to new things brought so much joy to me. The field trip we took was to a nature center. We got to hunt frog and hike through the woods. Seeing the excited look on all of the kids faces was well worth all of the work that went into planning that adventure.

I was extremely fortunate to have this learning experience and look forward to more adventures in the future.