Summer Service In Colorado

From the first to the seventeenth of August, I worked in Colorado at a non-profit organization called Mission: Wolf. They are a wolf sanctuary near the San Isabel National Forest up in the mountains at a high altitude of 9300 feet. The sanctuary takes in injured or hurt wolves and brings them back to a good health. They also take wolves who were in captivity like homes and zoos. The sanctuary does not release the wolves back to the wild.

Our group of kids worked with the sanctuary and helped them build their new visitor’s center. We also were able to work with and meet the wolves. We helped clean and tend to their habitats and enclosures. Our group transferred timber, logs, rebar, bricks, flagstone, marble, and many other objects to their storage area for their visitor center.

On the trip we also whitewater rafted, rock climbed, did an aerial course, and climbed sand dunes. It was an amazing experience that I would do again. It made me change the way I think of service. Service can be fun and meaningful, and I definitely felt that this service was fun, a little bit difficult, but meaningful.

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