Lower School Library

The Elizabeth Claster Lower School Library celebrates the power of storytelling to rouse curiosity, transport us to imaginary realms, and to connect readers with the vastness of the human experience. The Library equips students to make meaning of these stories through a curriculum which develops critical thinking and information literacy, and which is supported by age-appropriate nonfiction resources.

The Library is home to an ever-growing, ever-evolving K-6 print and digital collection. Guided by their own interests and with support from the Librarian, students learn to navigate the Library with increasing independence. Use of the online catalog for searching and borrowing books, as well as writing and reading reviews, affords students an opportunity to practice digital citizenship in the context of literature.

The Library also provides opportunities for students to learn more about the process of creating books by hosting several children’s book authors and illustrators each year.



Illust. Shannon Wright

Library books are organized into two major categories: a Kindergarten-6th grade collection and a 7th-12th grade collection.  The K-6 collection includes Picture (“Everybody”) books, Early Readers, Junior Fiction, Junior Nonfiction and Biographies. Librarians are eager to help students select books to read for learning and pleasure. Learning to make good reading choices is part of the library curriculum but it is the role of parents to discuss their family’s personal guidelines for reading with their children. Parents are encouraged to explore the online Destiny catalog from home: https://fs.follettdestiny.com. Guest access allows parents to view the library’s holdings; students will have usernames and passwords to allow a deeper level of access for posting reviews and connecting with other readers. To learn more about using Destiny, please click the “catalog” tab on the left side of your screen.


Students are permitted to have up to 10 books on their library record at any given time, so long as no books are overdue. All books are due back after 2 weeks. During library class, students will be encouraged to check out the amount of books listed below, but these can be supplemented with additional books before or after school. The Lower School Library is open to children accompanied by parents or adult caregivers from 8:00 – 8:25 a.m. and 3:10 – 4:00 p.m.

  • Kindergarten: One book
  • 1st: One book
  • 2nd: Two books
  • 3rd: Three books
  • 4th: Four books


Students in Kindergarten – 12th grade use the catalog to search for library books and to check out and manage their library records. A circulation desk is available in the LS Library where students can find their name and account barcode.

If Paula is not available and a student requires assistance, they may also check out at the circulation desk of the Main Library.

What happens if a book is overdue?

Children are encouraged to bring the overdue books back the next day.  However, if a child has several overdue books, I will notify the parents to help their child find the books. There are no fines for overdue books.

What happens if we think a book is lost?

Taking care of our shared resources, like library books, is part of our school’s commitment to stewardship. Like all learning, this may involve some trial and error. If a book is certainly lost, I will mark the copy lost in their library record.   A notice will go home at the end of the year if the book has not been found.  At that time, the family may either replace the book with an identical copy from a bookstore or may pay for the book and I will order a replacement copy.

Before giving up hope completely, I suggest trying this Lost Book Scavenger Hunt for some inspired searching. Printed copies are available in the LS Library.  


I would like to donate some of my child’s books to the Library. How should I do this? 

We gratefully accept many books donated by families to the Library. However, not every book can have a home here, due to limited shelf space and other factors. We’re happy to take a look and whatever we can’t take, we can pass on to another organization which may benefit from these pre-loved books.