Lower School Convenes Digital Citizenship Taskforce

For three days in July, a group of Lower School teachers, administrators and specialists met to discuss how we can help children in the lower grades become responsible citizens of our digital world.  This task force explored relevant resources, enjoyed lively discussions, and developed goals. Then the new Friends Seminary Lower School Digital Citizenship Guidelines and Agreement were born. This booklet places principles of Digital Citizenship in the context of  the Quaker testimonies: – Simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. The guide is written in language that that Lower School students can grasp.

Students in Grades Two through Four sign a copy of the agreement and bring it back to school.  Students in Grades K and 1 review the guidelines with their parents and teachers but do not need to sign an agreement. We encourage all our parents to explore the ideas in the booklet with their children.


The work of the task force is not complete.  We now join Lower School teachers and parents as we follow the guidelines and continue to discuss them. The group is also planning a Digital Citizenship Assembly. Stay tuned!

Those who would like to read the booklet online or print out an additional copy can find the pdf here.

LS Digital Citizenship Booklet

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