Third Graders Design Conversations

This year, Third Graders were asked to construct a creature in the computer graphics program Pixie. Some relied entirely on their imaginations. Other drew inspiration from such drawing reference books as Ed Emberly’s Animal Drawing Book. Such a wide array of imaginary creature came to life with Pixie in K411!

Third Graders imported these beings into their Scratch projects. Then the Third Graders coded them to move towards each other. When they meet, they begin a conversation and they aren’t supposed to interrupt one other. When the conversation ends, something surprising happens.

In the process of  making their Scratch projects Third Graders have learned such coding basics as creating a setup procedure, using an if statement, and a broadcasting message to make something surprising happen at the end of the animation.

Third graders can download these Scratch projects at home and show them to their parents. Instructions for seeing those projects are located here.

This is one of the many activities that bring Friends Third and Fourth graders much more than an hour of code. Third and Fourth grade students come to K411 for designing coding, robots and making for two one hour sessions every eight days. In recent weeks students have prepared Scratch Jr and Bee-Bot lessons for their kindergarten buddies and been practicing typing with the Typing Club.

The Third Graders next coding challenge is coding the Ozobot robot with drawing and the Ozoblockly language, which is similar to Scratch.


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