New Scratch Accounts for Fourth Graders

This fall, Fourth Graders are using  the block-based visual programming language Scratch to design and program an interactive, maze game. This is an opportunity for the students to learn more advanced coding while also taking advantage of their artistic and creative skills! Previous classes of Fourth Graders have constructed visually compelling and exciting games, and our student teacher Kelly Grey and I are thrilled to help the class of 2028 create their unique variations on the project.

This winter, students will use the Micro:bit chip with Scratch to reconstruct and reimagine stuffed toys. When the button on the Micro:bit chips are pressed or the chip is shaken, animations will play, sounds will be heard, and stories will be told.

Kelly Grey and I are happy to let you know that this fall, we have given the Fourth Graders their own Scratch Student accounts. The randomly generated usernames they received do not reveal their real names or any identifying information.

 We created these Scratch accounts so that the Fourth Graders can easily access their maze games and Micro:bit projects from any computer at school or at home. Although we have not assigned any Scratch homework at this time, it is fine for your child to sign in to Scratch at home and show you what they’ve been working on. Please also feel empowered to continue to enforce your at-home rules for screen time!

Another advantage of setting up Scratch accounts is that we will be able to access student work easily and keep good track of student progress. This will enable us to provide the support they need to succeed. 

Please contact Judith ( if you have any questions about your Fourth Grader’s Scratch Account or if your child forgets their username or password. Online Scratch can be accessed at

We are looking forward to seeing all that your students create in Scratch this year!


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