Branching Out with Physical Computing

Third Graders Branch Out with Physical Computing

During the first part of the 2019 Р2020 school year, Third Graders created their own digital characters, and then they coded these delightful creations with Scratch so that they  could meet and then have a conversation with one other. With Scratch, the Third Graders also make something surprising happen after the conversation ends.

This is an example of a Third Grader’s Scratch Project.

Third Graders Bring their characters and Backgrounds to Life

So far this year,, Third Graders have also received and learned to use their Friends Seminary Google Drive accounts. They are also preparing to teach their buddies how to solve problems with the Bee-Bot robot.

Now we are branching out with the Micro:bit chip. Instead of getting their digital characters to move when the space bar is pressed, Third Graders are learning to use a magic want (and concealed Bluetooth enabled Micro:bit chip) to activate their digital creations. When a digital world responds to something in the world of material objects, it’s Physical Computing!

Wand prototypes developed by 7th Graders.

As we create the wands with branches and art supplies, we are asking families for selected materials from home:

Fabric Scraps of no more than one yard. Make sure it’s light weight cloth that would be suitable for a decorating a wand that will wave. Perhaps it’s shiny or sheer or it glows in the dark? If you are not sure if the material will be suitable, feel free to email a photo to Judith:

Silk Ribbon. Please no gift package ribbons.

Beads, wire, and other small materials that could be attached to a branch.

We will be collecting these supplies in a marked box in the lobby starting Friday, February 21.

Don’t worry. If you do not have materials from home for the wands, Judith will make sure there are plenty of supplies on hand in Room 308.

And we will provide the branches! Can’t wait to make magic in Room 308.

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